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Visionary Leadership

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Successful companies possess the unique ability to envision the future of their industries. In real estate investment, the successful differential is that innate quality to identify prime locations ripe for development.

Marlin Spring Investments Limited is a real estate investment and development firm with the vision to acquire and develop strategic residential and commercial lands within the Greater Toronto Area. The firm also acquires revenue producing properties in key economic hubs of major North American metropolitan areas. The founders and key principals of Marlin Spring have extensive industry experience with one of the leading real estate development companies in Canada.

Marlin Spring has acquired a diversified and strong portfolio of land holdings zoned for a variety of uses comprised of low-rise, mid-rise and mixed-use projects in prime locations across the GTA, including the Beaches, Danforth Avenue, Vaughan and Markham with approximately two million residential square feet currently under development valued at $850,000,000. Marlin Spring remains one of the leading residential developers in the GTA.

Marlin Spring US Realty

A division of Marlin Spring Investments Limited, Marlin Spring US Realty focuses on making strategic investments in multi-unit residential properties across the United States. Marlin Spring US Realty has the expertise and industry acumen to see beyond the present, and identify all factors shaping the potential of undervalued properties in close proximity to key metropolitan centres.

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Avi Jakobowitch

Vice President, Marlin Spring U.S. Realty

Marlin Spring U.S. Realty was formed to act at MSI’s arm for investing in multi-residential, revenue producing assets in the United States. Upon its formation, Mr. Avi Jakobowitch was brought on to head this division as Vice President of US Acquisitions & Operations. Previously, Mr. Jakobowitch was Vice President of Sales and Operations at a large retail operation, with multiple stores throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Mr. Jakobowitch was responsible for the sourcing and construction of new locations. Presently, Mr. Jakobowitch oversees the day-to-day operations, as well as undertakes real estate sourcing, acquisition management, investor relations and regulatory compliance.

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Creating Generational Value

Marlin Spring prides itself on its ability to imagine, to inspire and to innovate. Its industry-leading communities are distinguished by the highest quality building standards, elegant architecture, vibrant amenities and environmentally-friendly features. A hallmark of Marlin Spring is a collaborative approach in bringing together the best talents and resources in real estate development. Marlin Spring values its relationships with all associates, employees, municipalities, stakeholders, and most importantly, with its purchasers.

As a testament to its community commitment, Marlin Spring makes significant investments in the communities in which it operates. Its corporate philosophy is to give back through a variety of charitable causes that enhance the quality of urban life.

Our Values

Teamwork Innovation Trust Respect

Sincerity Fun Integrity

Consistency Diligence Creativity