Life in a Condo – How Living in 600 sq. ft. is Feasible

Aug 4, 2016

A condominium offers downtown living, with no renovations required, and all the perks of the city just outside your doorstep. Condo living also evokes the notion of residing within a smaller space. The ‘new urbanist’ approach has transformed condo life by adopting flexible, adaptable, and creative strategies for efficient living. There is a big difference between a small living space and a smart small living space. This is the key to condo living.

A well designed condominium offers all the space and functionality to meet your needs. Marlin Springs offers 4 tips for living comfortably in 600 square feet.

Life in a condo

Less Stuff

The first step to ensuring your interior is a highly efficient space is starting out with less “stuff”. Learning to make due with less is never a bad exercise to go through. The first thing to do is take a close inventory of your belongings. Ask yourself, if everything you owned was lost today, what would you replace? Take stock of the things that are of importance to you, and the possessions that you could live without. Ideally, you’ll make three lists: Must haves, things you can live without, and items you do not need. Your must haves will join you at your new unit. Your “live withouts” are items you do not have to toss straight away–but will be the first to go if space becomes a concern. Your “could replace” list should be reserved for things that you could easily sell without sentiment getting in the way. This exercise will also help you determine which items you will want to replace or downsize once you move into your new condominium–such as new sleek space-saving furniture. Suddenly that 600 square foot condo is looking more spacious than ever.


Life in a Condo

To be fully realized, smart spaces must be designed for maximum utility and versatility. This is what gives the space an expansive feeling. Firstly, letting go of those possessions you ultimately do not need–and would likely get rid of if moving into another detached home, will clear up room for those things you actually want in your space, and for what you acquire in the future. Every room in a condo is designed for maximum utility. The shortage of space can bring out the most creative organizing ideas such as using furniture with hidden storage. Making use of every nook and cranny maximizes use of your space by using your empty corners.The area under your bed may be a perfect place for little drawers or storage bins. A coffee table, couch, or bed can be custom-made to have hidden compartments to store some of your magazines or other valuable personal belongings. Reflecting the popularity of condo living, many furniture stores carry stylish lines of condo-size pieces for the home. Anchor a full-length window by placing your sofa and table in front of the window. Filling a room (with appropriate size furniture) makes the most of your 600 square feet, while actually making your space appear larger than it would with idle space. Closed space can make your already limited area crowded. Another trick to and create the illusion of a bigger space is to use open shelves instead of cupboards or cabinets which, especially in the kitchen, allows you to showcase your best dishes. In the master bedroom, a small desk and chair in the corner of your bedroom creates a dressing area for makeup, jewelry and hair drying. Conversely, this desk can be used an office space, making double duty out of your master suite.


Life in a Condo

The arrangement of decor items can make your condo appear more spacious. Wall-to-wall windows, while providing stunning views and expansive light, can be intimidating. Hang striking full-length drapes to frame windows and add intimacy. The Mirror Trick is a common design strategy for small places, and for good reason. Mirrors can, almost magically, create an illusion of a more spacious room. A wall-sized mirror in the living room, opposite to a light source will reflect light and add depth to your space. The Cantaloupe Rule is the best kept home designer secret for smaller spaces. Refrain from using any decorative item smaller than a cantaloupe. Small objects add noise to a room, while larger ones add structure.


23049392 - private gym with modern equipment in the home

The primary perk of condominium living is the amenities provided by your building, as well as those in the surrounding neighbourhood. The proximity to these shared amenities can be thought of as extra square footage–they are not only an “extension” of your living space, but they free up room in your private living space. Many buildings have lounges that can be used for hosting dinners or meetings, and have expansive gyms to stretch out and do your daily yoga. Living in 600 square foot is much more feasible without the need for exercise equipment in your unit. Outdoor space such as a rooftop BBQ area, or nearby children’s play areas make giving up the backyard easy. Walkable access to neighbourhood amenities such as libraries, community centres, farmer’s markets, beaches and downtown social scenes opens up a world of possibilities outside your lobby. The neighbourhood attractions and perks of a condominium’s amenities allow you to use your condo unit for simply living.

It’s no wonder singles and young families alike are choosing the urban dream of condominium life. The condominium lifestyle can offer all the conveniences of a detached home and the benefits of ownership, without the responsibility of managing the larger property. Residing in 600 square feet is not just feasible, but a pleasurable, modern way of life.