6 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Den!

Aug 18, 2016

Condos today frequently include a small bonus room called a den.  But deciding how to maximize the function of this valuable space can be a challenge. Here are six ideas to make the most of your den: a home office, a walk-in closet, a library, a children’s room, an entertainment room and a meditation room.

1.  Utilizing a Den as a Home Office is Perfect for Those that Work at/from Home

A home office can often reduce the stress in your home by helping to separate your job, the bills and other paperwork from family life.  With planning, a small den can be the perfect space to create an efficient, organized home office.

  • Adequate lighting is essential in a home office and should include floor or table lamps for a soft glow and direct, task lighting on your desk
  • Home office desks are specific to the user – when selecting a home office desk consider its durability, storage capacity, work surface and price
  • Storage is vital in a small home office – Floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves on one wall is one good option. Utilizing wall storage with a magazine racks is a clutter-free way to place frequently used papers
  • To sustain a positive mood and energy in the room, be sure to add a personal touch to your workspace with a few family photos, your favourite art piece, or greenery

    2. Declutter Your Condo by Converting the Den into a Walk- In Closet

Turning a den into a walk-in closet is not difficult, but it will be most effective if thoughtfully designed. The right organizational plan consists of shelving, hanging space, drawers, and cabinets, along with proper lighting; this will keep your walk-in closet neat, and uncluttered. Consider installing a built-in wardrobe, dual hanging rods along the adjacent wall, and lots of shelving for maximizing storage. A hanging mirror and small chair or ottoman are also a great addition.

3. Create a Secluded Library to Read and Store Your Books

A den in a condo is a perfect space to surround yourself with books and read peacefully. When designing a small library, consider installing bookshelves on three of the walls, placing a few floor lamps in the corners for ambiance, positioning a reading lamp for direct lighting, and adding a simple arm chair, small sofa, or even beanbag chair for seating. A library is also a perfect place to display your favourite artwork or pottery.  

4. Converting the Den into the Nursery or Kid’s Playroom will Free Your Living Room up for Adult and Family Space

Ideas to make most of our den- playroom

If you have a baby or child, it may seem your home has been taken over with children’s books, toys, crafts, inside scooters and more. Converting your den to a children’s room is a wonderful way to reclaim your living room and create a private space for your child. This will give your child the ability to personalize the room by decorating, top-to-bottom, in their favourite colours and style.

5. Dens Make Great Entertainment and Media Rooms and Can Increase a Home’s Potential Resale Value


Often dens in condos are windowless, self-contained, quiet, and don’t interfere with the home’s day-to-day activities; all features that make dens an excellent location for an entertainment room. Converting your den into an entertainment room is an investment, but is sure to payback if your need to sell your condo. Important features of a media room include:

  • Hidden wiring and connections
  • Built-in components such as the display and speakers
  • Special theater-style seating
  • Remote controlled dimmable lighting and heating/air conditioning
  • Sound and light isolation
  • And ideally a hidden bar for serving drinks and snacks

    6. A Space in Your Home for Daily Meditation will Recharge Your Body Both Physically and Mentally

A den is the ideal space for a meditation room because it is quiet, has limited traffic or distractions, and you can control the clutter. For a medication room, all that is needed is a small table for a candle or set of chimes, a yoga mat or throw rug and a soft pillow to lay your head. Plants and even a small water fountain are considered naturally relaxing and healing and also make excellent additions to a meditation room.

How a homeowner uses a den is a personal choice based on the occupants need, hobbies, and desires and is a welcome bonus room.For more information on making the most of your den visit  Marlin Spring.