Nature in the city: 4 amazing places to reconnect with nature in Toronto

Sep 1, 2016

The urban sprawl of Toronto has more to offer than skyscrapers, upscale restaurants, and impressive cultural attractions. Toronto is also home to majestic nature and breathtaking scenery. Here are four amazing places to reconnect with nature in Toronto: the Beaches, Warden Woods, Scarborough Bluffs, and Taylor Creek Park.

1.The Beaches is Toronto’s Top Destination for Sunbathing, Swimming, Playing Volleyball and Strolling the Boardwalk

Nature in Toronto

The Beaches (or Beach) is a neighbourhood located in the east-central district of Toronto with many beautiful, clean beaches on Lake Ontario. The Beaches community offers all the benefits of a lakeside resort in the backyard of Toronto: sandy beaches, quaint lakeside cafes and clothing stores, walks on the 3 km boardwalk and hikes along the Martin Goodman Trail. The Beaches is also a social centre of culture with the Kew Gardens, which hosts many annual events including a Christmas Tree and Menorah lighting festival, a jazz festival, and an arts and crafts show.

2. Enjoy the Sounds of Sites of Nature in Warden Woods

Nature in Toronto

Warden Woods, located in the district of Scarborough, is 85 acres of a heavily forested valley running from the Don River along the Taylor and Massey Creeks. Here, Toronto’s outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy year-round activities: hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and more. Toronto residents can also enjoy the breathtaking views of Massey Creek as they walk the Gus Harris Trail, a paved 2-kilometer path in Warden Woods.

3. A True Gift from Nature – The Incredible, Massive, Rock Formation of the Scarborough Bluffs Along the Eastern Shore of Toronto

Nature in Toronto

The Scarborough Bluffs, also known as the Bluffs, is a steep, long cliff in the Scarborough district of Toronto. The Bluffs formed 12,000 years ago from the accumulation of sedimentary deposits created by wind and water erosion. This majestic rock formation rises over 65-metres and stretches 14-kilometers along the shoreline and can be viewed from either the Bluffers Park walking trail (the only park along the Bluffs with direct access) or while sailing on Lake Ontario.

4. Taylor Creek Park’s Diverse Wildlife and Rare Plants Make it Great Place to Reconnect with Nature

Nature in Toronto

Taylor Creek Park’s upgraded bridges, riverside views, mature forests, marsh habitat, new asphalt path, wildlife and scrub communities make it a top destination for Toronto’s hikers, cyclists, rollerbladers, skateboarders and cross-country skiers. The park also offers benches, BBQ pits and two washroom stops. Taylor Creek Park’s east entrance is only a five-minute walk from the Victoria Park subway station.

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