Tiff Special – Host a movie night in style

Sep 23, 2016

Even though TIFF is over, there is still plenty of excitement for film-bluffs in Toronto as they ponder over the results of the festival and look forward to what will probably be the most talked about movies of the fall season. What a perfect time and excuse for you to host a group of film-buff friends for a fun and stylish movie night. With a little creativity and planning, you can host an entertaining must-attend event. Here are a few tips to help you host a movie night in style in your condo or townhome.

1. Choose a Theme for Your Movie Night

Host a movie night in style

Creating a fun and smart movie night starts with selecting a theme, and the options are endless – casual, glamorous, comedy, romance, horror, etc.  No matter the theme, there are many ways to set the mood for a stylish movie night.

  • As your guests arrive have the music from the movie playing in the background
  • Greet your guests with a red runner rug extending from the front door to the movie room.  For added glamour, scatter the rug with large glitter-paper stars
  • A strings of white lights around the around the edges of the ceiling and floor will create a movie house feel
  • Arrange the seats in an arc around the screen for a theater-like experience
  • Set out fresh flowers and scented candles
  • For a touch of Old Hollywood, hang red velvet curtains over your windows

2. Set the Mood for the Night by Creating Unique and Fun Invitations

Host a movie night in style

Before planning the guest list for your movie night, decide on the number of comfortable seats with direct views of the TV in your screening room. Or, if you live in an apartment or condo with limited space, consider using the complex’s party or media room. Then design the invitations for this festive evening with theater-style fare so that your guests will get excited about the upcoming evening. Consider incorporating the theme of the party on the invitations, and for even more fun, encourage your guests to dress in costumes that match the theme.  Always ask for an RSVP.

3. Get Your Guests Involved by Letting them Select the Movie to Watch

Once your guests have arrived, present them with several options of movies to choose from, even though there may only be time for one. When selecting the movie choices, consider your audience: is it all girls, will children be in the room, is there a hobby everyone has in common. Or, choose several movies from the same theme such as previous TIFF winners, faith-based films, classics from the 1940s, Rocky film series, etc.  You can also include a short list of movies in the invitation and let your guests vote on which to view.

4. Planning the Perfect Hors D’oeuvre and Drinks When Hosting Movie Night

Host a movie night in style

Movie night snacks are as important as the movie itself, and in some cases more memorable than the main event of the evening. As the host, you decide how simple or elegant the menu will be. You can’t go wrong as long as there is enough snacks for your guests to enjoy throughout the movie. Suggestions for movie night snacks and drinks include:

  • Gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors is sure to be a hit
  • Easy to eat, less messy snacks such as pre-sliced cheese, fruit, cut up vegetables, and crackers, etc.
  • A theme drink is fun – particularly if served in decorated cocktail glasses relevant to the theme
  • Simple, gourmet finger foods are always a treat: tiny kabab meatballs and pineapple, baked mozzarella with tomato pesto, mini specialty pizzas – the list can go on forever
  • Add glitz to your movie night with gold glittered star shaped cookies

5. Games Will Turn Movie Night Into a Whimsical yet Stylish Event

Host a movie night in style

Games at movie night are sure to entertain and make for an unforgettable experience. Be sure to have theme related prizes for the winners.

  • Create a quiz game with trivia questions on the movie just watched, then divide into teams for some friendly competition
  • Make bingo boards with people, quotes, events for your guest to spot as they watch the movie
  • A traditional drinking game where each time a particular phrase or word is spoken during a film, viewers must take a drink – this is always fun for the adult movie watchers

A final tip for hosting a movie night in style is to include one or two intermissions so guests can refill drinks, take bathroom breaks and discuss the film. Be sure to play the movie soundtrack during the intermissions to keep the energy level up. For more ideas on hosting a movie night in style be sure to visit Marlin Spring.