5 Inexpensive tips to turn your small bathroom into a spa

Oct 14, 2016

Realtors often claim that the kitchen and the bathroom are the most important rooms when selling any home. (edited) While there seems to be much information available on how to enhance a kitchen, the bathroom typically gets far less attention. There are, however, several key changes that can totally transform the room into your personal spa, even if it’s a small space.

1.Focus on the visual aspect

turn your small bathroom into a spa

Most spas embrace the philosophy that less is more. A good first step would be to minimize the amount of décor and clutter in the room. Choosing earth tones with wood accents can create a very natural feel in the room. Installing dimming lights can also create the same calming effect found in any modern spa.

2.Add natural elements

turn your small bathroom into a spa

Make the room more inviting by adding a few plants. The addition of a crabapple blossom or a beautiful orchid can enhance the zen aura of the room. It will increase the visual appeal, and many of these plants have a relaxing aroma which will be sure to engage your sense of smell.

3.Don’t skimp on the details

turn your small bathroom into a spa

Go the extra mile by adding a few of the amenities that are staples of the spa experience. This will enhance the feeling of relaxation. Replace the standard showerhead with a massaging one and go with a natural cotton shower curtain. It’s also good to keep luxurious towels and a robe nearby for easy access. These small details are a big part of what makes the spa experience so enjoyable and they can be equally effective in your own home.

4.Don’t forget about the smell

turn your small bathroom into a spa

Our sense of smell is a strong factor in our mood, which means that adding some refreshing and relaxing scents can really help to transform ordinary bathroom space into a truly inviting and relaxing atmosphere. A well-placed oil diffuser or scented candle can really enhance the spa-like experience. Chamomile and lavender can be particularly relaxing.

5.Have the tools to perfect the mood

turn your small bathroom into a spa

Since the ideal spa experience is all about creating a soothing environment your bathroom spa wouldn’t be complete without calming sounds. Ensure that you are able to  listen to the tranquil sounds of nature or soft acoustic music . It’s also a great idea to have a bath tray so that you can enjoy some light reading or even a glass of champagne to complete the transformation of an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa!

The bathroom is a key room in any home, though it is easy to neglect. It must be functional as it is where most people start and end their days, but it can also serve as a very relaxing room in any home. With a few inexpensive enhancements, it is possible to transform this space into a relaxing and inviting sanctuary!

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The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in any home. In most cases, the practical purposes of this room supercede any concerns about the feel of the room-we all want this room to be functional and orderly. However, there is no reason that you can’t have a practical bathroom that also serves as a relaxing sanctuary. By adopting several of these tips, you can easily transform a regular bathroom into one that will make you feel like you are spending time at a world-class spa!