New year, new home! The best new year’s resolutions for your home.

Jan 19, 2017

It’s that time of year again! A time to reflect and better yourself, as well as a great time to better your home. In spirit of the new year, we’ve compiled a list of 5 simple, yet effective, home resolutions for you to try in 2017.

Get organized

New Year's Resolutions for your home

A clean home means a clean mind. It’s time to declutter your place and get rid of unnecessary space-stealers for the year ahead. The best way to do this is start one room at a time. We find it’s easiest to begin in the kitchen, as it’s typically the most-used room in the house. If you’re having trouble parting with certain items, try the “one month” test. If you don’t think you’ll need it over the next month, you probably won’t need it for the rest of the year either. Remember, tupperware, dividers and labels are your friends!

Rearrange your furniture

New Year's Resolutions for your home

A new year brings new styles, colours and designs to the table. Instead of spending lots of money on new furniture and accessories, try redecorating using your favourite (and already purchased) things! A simple paint job, rearrangement of furniture and wall decorations can create a totally new look for 2017, as well as save you money for other things for your home throughout the year. You might just fall in love with your home all over again!

Do more DIY

New Year's Resolutions for your home

New Year's Resolutions for your home New Year's Resolutions for your home

What’s more fun than buying something new for your home – Making something! You can repurpose old items and make them new again. Some suggestions we have: turn old t-shirts into a rug/bath mat by braiding them and sewing them together, screw hooks onto a cutting board to make a hanging kitchen utensil holder, and lastly, repurpose an old ladder to make a vintage-looking towel rack.

Make a cleaning schedule.

New Year's Resolutions for your home

Planning out what needs to be cleaned, and when, is a great way to keep your place tidy at all times. First, make or buy a calendar that can be hung in a visible area. Then, map out each laundry day, garbage day, recycling/compost day, etc. Now it’s time to backtrack, fill in any empty areas with one thing that you’d like to get done each day. It can be as simple as wiping down the fridge, to cleaning out your storage closet – anything goes! This allows you to ensure you have every square foot of your house covered every month.

Host more

New Year's Resolutions for your home

Our last resolution is one that we think everyone should do more of – host more dinner parties at home with friends and family! Plan a day or two each month to have friends, family and any loved ones over. Having people in your home is a nice way to reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with, try a new meal you’ve always wanted to make, and save some money while doing it. You’ll see just how therapeutic it can be to host the people you love most, in the place you love most.

See how many simple resolutions you can get done this 2017! The result will be something you can feel good about all year long. From your friends at Marlin Spring, have a safe and happy new year!