Marlin Spring Multi-Family

Feb 6, 2017

Marlin Spring Multi Family is a division of Marlin Spring, that has a mandate to acquire strategic residential properties in key economic cities across North America.  Over the years, Marlin Spring has acquired extensive industry experience, spanning decades in development and multi-family investments.


Avi Jakobowitch, Vice President of Marlin Spring Multi-Family, oversees day-to-day operations, undertakes real estate sourcing, acquisition management, investor relations and regulatory compliance. Previously, Mr. Jakobowitch was the Vice President of Sales and Operations at Omni Jewelcrafters, a multi-store jewelry operation with locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Avi brings a diverse knowledge of business management and expertise to Marlin Spring.

Marlin Spring focuses on Metropolitan areas with strong employment, prospective economic growth, and low crime. The firm makes strategic investments in multi-unit residential properties across Canada and the United States, and within the past few years has purchased many properties with value-add components.

Marlin Spring Multi-Family’s products are based on a purchase criteria that must meet the highest standards of investments, including properties at a significant discount-to-replacement cost, properties that have a value-add and repositioning opportunities, and properties with a strong strong recurring cash flow. Projects must have a minimum of 100+ units, with low vacancy rates.

The Marlin Spring Multi Family division takes a collaborative approach partnering with institutional funds and ultra-high net worth families.  Institutional partners include Greybrook Realty, Woodmere Capital, Davinci Group, Harbour Equity, Dream CMCC, Terra Firma, Atrium and Flagship.

“As a testament to its community commitment, Marlin Spring makes significant investments in the communities in which it operates. Its corporate philosophy is to give back through a variety of charitable causes that enhance the quality of urban life.” – Avi Jakobowitch
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