East End Hot Spots for a Date

Apr 21, 2017

Whether you live in Toronto’s East End, or just have a special place in your heart for The Beach, you know the area is filled with some of the best brunch, lunch, and dinner spots for you and your date. This is exactly why we wanted to create a list of our absolute favourite places to take your significant other!

Gio Rana’s Really, Really Nice Restaurant

East End Hot Spots for a date

Everyone “nose” about this spot in The Beach, because Gio Rana’s Really, Really Nice Restaurant is equally known for its funky name, and the giant nose that hangs out front instead of a sign (picture above). But you can trust us–the food at Gio’s is absolutely delicious! Featuring an assortment of italian dishes made to share, it is the perfect date destination. In addition to their delectable food, the service is always on point. Gio Rana is a hotspot every Torontonian should try at least once!

Lady Marmalade

East End Hot Spots for a date

Brunch dates are the best dates, and Lady Marmalade is a spot you’ve got to try if you haven’t already. They first opened their doors in British Columbia, until the Toronto-born owners decided to move back home, bringing their business with them. Lady Marmalade is now most known for their eggs benedict and mexican-fusion food. When it comes to sourcing quality products, this joint prides themselves on working closely with their suppliers to find fresh and local ingredients – it’s truly the best of both worlds!

Tulip Steakhouse

East End Hot Spots for a date

In The Beach lies a modest yellow facade half lit up, with the bold claim of being famous for their world class steaks and all day breakfast. While the Tulip Steakhouse might not seem like much in passing, it is filled with many great things. The Tulip has been serving up classic steak and potatoes for nearly 80 years and it shows. A 12 oz Black Angus N.Y. Sirloin at $21.95 and 8 oz Steak Sandwich for a mere $6.25 will knock the socks off even the most particular steak connoisseur. This steakhouse places all their talent on perfectly-cooked meals that are big on flavour, creating little dent on your pocket book.


East End Hot Spots for a date

Bambistro is a comic book themed bistro featuring a lovely menu, with many choices, generous portions-and all at reasonable prices . From fruit-covered waffles topped with bananas, melon, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries to eggs benedict and potatoes, the food is fresh and tasty. One of the best parts of Bambistro is the atmosphere. On warm days the full length front windows open up, letting a refreshing lake breeze flow through the bistro, while you and your date enjoy your meal.

Fox Theatre

East End Hot Spots for a date

This is a place we often take for granted in the East End, but it might just be the place that wins over your date’s heart. If you didn’t already know, the Fox Theatre opened in 1914, making it the second-oldest theatre in Toronto. It has a 1930s vibe with old-fashioned popcorn machines, chalkboard menus, one-of-a-kind classic light up movie posters, and candy bar signs. Watching a movie is always a great first-date idea, and also gives you something to talk about after – we call that a win-win.

We hope you found one of your favourite date spots on this list, as well as a few new ones for you and your date to try. If you would like more great tips like these, or to learn more about Marlin Spring, please visit us at https://marlinspring.com//.