Outdoor Entertaining Tips For A Small Balcony

Jul 14, 2017

With this warm weather approaching, it’s that time of the year again – entertaining season! In addition to the gorgeous weather and long-overdue get togethers, what this season also means is it’s time to start planning your summer parties and think about maximizing space. If balcony room is an issue for you (trust us, you’re not alone!), we have some helpful tips that are proven to make the most out of small spaces. Here, you’ll find our go-to list of outdoor entertaining tips for a small balcony:

Choose And Arrange Furniture Strategically

Entertaining Tips For A Small Balcony

The best way to open up a small space is to select and place furniture in the best and most-effective way. It all starts with your tables and chairs – we recommend you choose small pieces, as they give you more room for decoration, plants, and food platters. After you’ve selected your (space-conscious!) furniture, be sure to place your chairs and tables around the outside of your balcony. This will allow for an easy party set-up, while giving you the space you need to be the best host possible!

Try Using Pillows As Seating

Entertaining Tips For A Small Balcony

If you’re strapped for space (and cash!), using oversized outdoor pillows can be your best seating solution. These comfy cushions create a more intimate space for outdoor entertaining, without taking up a lot of space. The best part(s)? They’re super easy to rearrange, as well as trendy, affordable and easy to store. Take it from us, outdoor pillows are summer’s best space-saving hack!

Set the Mood with Music and Lighting

Entertaining Tips For A Small Balcony

There are two ways to make any outdoor space feel like an oasis, and they have everything to do with choosing the perfect music and lighting. If you’re hosting an evening get-together, be sure to set up a few strands of twinkle lights, some lamps and a candle (or two!). But no matter what time of the day, the best way to get the party started is with a playlist of your guests’ favourite songs. You can theme the music to your occasion, or get everyone to send their favourite song ahead of time. Now go ahead and get your groove on!

Finger Foods Are Your Best Friend

Entertaining Tips For A Small Balcony

We know this may contradict everything you read online, but finger foods are the best and most-effective dinner party food. They allow you to serve a variety of different items, while saving you valuable table space. Instead of hosting a sit-down dinner, give your guests a small plate to fill them with your delicious selection of 2-bite dishes, then get them to head back to their chairs/floor pillows to indulge.

Add Secret Outdoor Storage

Entertaining Tips For A Small Balcony

One of the best tips we can give you is to store a set of “outdoor dinnerware” in secret compartments on your balcony (like in bins underneath your tables or underneath your benches). This will make it easy for you to grab whatever utensils you need to entertain, without making a trip inside. We also recommend you store items like napkins, straws, glasses and candles outdoors in waterproof bins/drawers for easy (and dry!) access.

By following these tips, you can make any balcony feel spacious, no matter the size. If you found these tips useful, and would like to read more summer-hacks like these, you can visit us at https://marlinspring.com//. Happy entertaining!