Décor Update

Jul 28, 2017

Marlin Spring offers an in-house Décor Boutique designed for Purchasers to select the finishing details for their new homes. It is conveniently located within our corporate offices. The Décor Boutique showcases all of the many quality choices and features available for Marlin Spring projects – both standard and upgrades. Here, with the help of a professional Décor Consultant, purchasers will personalize their space by selecting everything necessary to make their new home truly their own – from flooring to countertops, to plumbing fixtures, lighting and cabinetry.


Construction of our new Décor Centre at our head office is now complete.


Consider some innovative technology to add style and efficiency to your new home. Personalize your space with some upgrades that truly make your new home unique and suited for you and your family.

Some innovative upgrades to add to your home:

  • Outlets with USB ports
  • Remote control door locks
  • Remote control blinds

Please contact customercare@marlinspring.com for more information.