Back To school Shopping Downtown Toronto

Back to School Special – Where to go shopping for kids Downtown

Aug 24, 2017

It’s that time of year again, back-to-school season – otherwise known as “back-to-school shopping season”. It’s an exciting, enlightening, and usually, exhausting time of year, but there are ways to make things a little bit easier on you. To help, we’ve created a handy back-to-school shopping guide, so you can focus on getting your A+ students ready for the year ahead!

What to buyBack To school Shopping Downtown Toronto

A recent study asked hundreds of Canadians what they’re planning on buying this school year, and 80 per cent said clothes, 75 per cent said shoes, 74 per cent said school supplies, 61 per cent said back packs, 44 per cent said textbooks, and 20 per cent said beauty and grooming products. It’s a lot to remember, we know! So, if you’re worried about forgetting something, you can check out this awesome back-to-school checklist here.


Where to go in Toronto

Back To school Shopping Downtown Toronto

The next big question many back-to-school shoppers have is “where do I go?” If you’re feeling this way, trust us, you’re not alone. We did our research and found the best malls, stores and shops in the downtown area – and they’re sure to have everything you need, all at a reasonable price. Find the one near you below:

The Stockyard
The Source, Winners, Michael’s, and more.

Eaton Centre
Indigo, Hudson’s Bay, The Source, Best Buy, Shoppers Drug Mart, and more.

Sherway Gardens
Indigo, Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, and more.

Other Places to Visit
Staples, Ikea, Midoco Art & Office Supplies, Above Ground Art Supplies, and Hangi Gifts.

What the deals are
Back To school Shopping Downtown Toronto

It’s no secret that back-to-school shopping can get a bit expensive, so we’ve hand-picked the best deals and seasonal offers for you. Indigo has their discounts listed here (we love their Fancy Pen Pack), you can browse through Staples’ everyday-low prices here (the Really Useful Pencil Box caught our eye), and you can take advantage of The Source’s Tech Event here (if you need new printer, you’re in luck). That being said, we also recommend you gather up all your existing school supplies, and see what “has” to be purchased, and what “can wait”.


When to start
Back To school Shopping Downtown Toronto

Even though the above sales look great, August isn’t always the best month to buy school supplies. Statistically speaking, August is ideal for making those “big” back-to-school purchases (computers, laptops, printers, speakers, etc.), because competition is fierce between manufacturers and retailers. However, September is typically the best month to buy traditional school supplies, as stores want to get rid of their surplus. As always, slow and steady wins the race!

There you have it! We wish you luck in your back-to-school-shopping endeavors, and hope you and your family have a lovely start to the school year. If you would like to learn more about Marlin Spring and our communities, you can visit us here.