Nile Green in Interior design

Marlin Spring’s Colour of the Month: Nile Green

Apr 6, 2018

Pantone’s newly released Spring/ Summer 2018 colour trends are here; with many season-perfect shades to really help shake off the winter gloom. One of our favourite Spring colours from the list is the calm and composed Nile Green (Pantone 14-0121). Read further to see why we have fallen in love with this soft hue!

The Colour

Nile Green in Interior design


Nile Green is a pale blue-green which gives the colour a unique ability to instill both a relaxing and breezy feeling in any space. The soft variation of this warm green shade also has a low saturation which helps give it its soft pastel-like look. The dual nature of the tones within this hue means that it is a changing colour, at times feeling closer to a pale yellow-green and at others having a grayish blue-green tint.


Why We Love It

Nile Green in Interior design


The Nile Green Pantone is one that you can really fall into. The subtle bluish, yellowish hints within the colour really bring you in without being overly aggressive and taking over a space. It’s a fresh and natural colour that represents and reflects the renewal you feel with the changing weather, making it the perfect choice for spring.


How To Use It

Nile Green in Interior design


Incorporating any pastel colour into a home’s design and décor is the perfect way to introduce an accent colour into your space without drawing too much attention to it. Nile Green’s soft, organic vibe is the perfect addition to any space where you are looking to have a tranquil, yet noticeable, element.


Depending on décor plans, incorporating Nile Green into your home may seem tricky but there are a few quick tips to help you bring in this breath of fresh air. One of our favourite new trends is the pastel push in kitchens! You can create a calming, natural feeling in your kitchen painting your walls or go for a retro look by using Nile Green appliances (think fridges and standing mixers). This pop of colour can also be a strong statement when used as an accent wall against crisp whites or a subtle accent when used in your neutral-coloured rooms.


Furniture is also a great choice if you don’t want to commit to painting your walls. Give your old couch the heave-ho and refresh your living room with a pastel punch. Or, try making a statement in your dining area using chairs as a fun way to play with the colour. Of course, if you’re still wary of making big steps like these, Nile Green throw cushions are perfect for introducing the colour in a minimal, but eye-catching, way!


With warm weather just around the corner, we definitely suggest introducing this soft, warm tone into your home to evoke your love of nature. Subtle, calming, and welcoming, Nile Green can easily enhance any style of room and provide a soothing escape from life’s everyday stressors.To find out more about Marlin Spring and our developments, be sure to check us out here.