Blooming Dahlia Colour

Marlin Spring’s Colour of the Month: Blooming Dahlia

Jun 1, 2018

Welcome to our third edition of “Marlin Spring’s Colour of The Month”! We hope you enjoyed our previous edition on Ultra Violet (which you can find here). This month we’re looking at Pantone’s Blooming Dahlia (Pantone 15-1520); a soft, understated hue that’s perfect for a fresh summer look. Read further to learn more about why MarlinSpring has chosen Blooming Dahlia for our Colour of the Month.

The Colour

Blooming Dahlia  Colour

This soft pink colour is very reminiscent of the ever-popular coral hue that has been seen everywhere over the past couple years. However, unlike coral’s bold, noticeable nature, Blooming Dahlia focuses more on a subtle, energizing quality meant to calmly invigorate the energy within your space. This pastel-like colour has a diluted white influence which creates a soothing, quiet appeal that other pinks lack due to their orangey-red base colouring.


Why We Love It

Blooming Dahlia  Colour

Blooming Dahlia is about the happiest colour we’ve seen in a long time! This hue has a wonderful element that brings a summer-y and warm feeling into any space. Most appealing is its subtle nature (something most ‘red-based’ colours lack), which lends itself to a variety of different uses. This allows you to strike that delicate balance between masculine and feminine energy within your space, making it the perfect accent colour for the home.


How To Use It

Blooming Dahlia  Colour


Whether you’re looking to completely outfit a room with a cheerful colour, or draw attention to a few specific pieces, Blooming Dahlia is flexible enough for you to use in any situation. If you’re looking to use this pantone as your main colour within a room (painting your walls for example), we recommend balancing the warm energy with white, complementary colours (greens, turquoise, blacks), and metallics.


In fact, if you’re looking to really brighten your space, pair Blooming Dahlia with various pastels. You’ll find that light blues, soft pinks, and sunny, subtle yellows belong together! If you’re not looking to fully commit to a pink room, use this colour on ‘points of interest’ in your neutral spaces, drawing attention to specific decor pieces in your rooms.


It’s no surprise why this refreshing colour has drawn everyone’s attention lately. Both energizing and soft, Blooming Dahlia allows you to make a great statement without overtaking the senses. Be sure to get this light pink colour into your decor for a nice breath of fresh air this summer! Stay tuned for more decor tips and tricks like these in MarlinSpring’s blog series.