Meadowlark Colour

Marlin Spring’s Colour of the Month: Meadowlark

Jul 6, 2018

Welcome to our fourth edition of “Marlin Spring’s Colour of The Month”! We hope you enjoyed our previous edition on Blooming Dahlia (which you can find here). This month, we’re very excited to show you Pantone’s Meadowlark (Pantone 13-0646 TCX). This confident and outgoing yellow hue is sure to catch the eye of many homeowners looking to decorate their home this summer. Read further to learn more about why Marlin Spring has chosen Meadowlark for our Colour of the Month.

The Colour

Meadowlark Colour

Meadowlark is a complex yellow shade with soft hints of a blue undertone. This gives the colour a bit of a cooler vibe than you may be used to when you think of ‘yellow’.  Although this blue influence means the colour’s naturally bright nature is somewhat muted, the feeling of optimism and vitality is not lost. Meadowlark can still be a bold and lively yellow hue that really emanates joy and illuminates the space around it.


Why We Love It

Meadowlark Colour


Meadowlark yellow perfectly reflects the trends we’re currently seeing in the fashion and décor world. There is a new intensity in these creative spaces that seeks to drive a feeling of optimism and confidence into your world. Meadowlark’s juxtaposition of uplifting brightness with it’s muted blue undertone really helps to expand your opportunities for self-expression throughout your home. When set against neutral and classic shades, this yellow really stands out to help create a unique and dramatic space!


How To Use It

Meadowlark Colour


Used in small doses, Meadowlark can be a great decorative punch. When working with this shade, be sure to limit the yellows in the room to the one, single shade for unity. Having a bunch of different hues of yellow can look a little too loud. If you’re looking to make a big statement we suggest opting for a large piece of furniture, like a loveseat or shelving, to keep a neutral room from feeling washed-out. A retro Meadowlark couch in your living room or some metal chairs for your breakfast nook signals playfulness, excitement, and a sense of adventure.

Although this colour is highly adaptable, we recommend you stay away from dishware, bedrooms, and offices. Food notoriously doesn’t look good against yellow, so investing in some Meadowlark plates may have you losing your appetite! If you’re looking to have yellow within your bedroom or office area, limit it to small pieces as the colour can disrupt sleep and concentration.


This somewhat subdued shade is a perfect addition to your home if you’re looking to expand your horizons and really explore new décor options. We hope these tips and tricks help you to bring the positive and approachable Meadowlark Pantone into your home! Stay tuned for more decor tips and tricks like these in MarlinSpring’s blog series.