Pantone Rapture Rose

Marlin Spring’s Colour of the Month: Rapture Rose

Aug 3, 2018

Welcome to our fifth edition of “Marlin Spring’s Colour of The Month”! We hope you enjoyed July’s edition where we explored the confident and outgoing Meadowlark (which you can find here). For August, we’re going to be focusing on Pantone’s Rapture Rose (Pantone 17-1929 TPX). This artful, rosy pink is sure to bring a flirtatious charm to any room.

The Colour

Pantone Rapture Rose


Often regarded as precious and girly, pink shades have had a hard time proving themselves as serious contenders when it comes to decorating the home. However, the times are changing, and everything from fashion to fine dining is shifting to a rosier outlook! Rapture Rose is a bright, saturated pink that really emphasizes feelings of femininity, passion, and strength in your space. The red undertones within the colour give way to the white in a way that makes sure neither one takes over. The result? You end up with a vivacious hue that warms up your space without resorting to colours that can sometimes darken a room too much.    


Why We Love It

Pantone Rapture Rose


With pinks seeing a rise in the current mediascape, it’s great to draw attention to such a bright and perky shade as Rapture Rose. Somewhere between bubblegum and fuchsia, Rapture Rose is about the funnest shade of pink we’ve seen in a long time! It is one of those colours that really allows you to create a variety of different impressions when you play around with it. In fact, the distinctiveness of this colour allows for a lot of expression in your space. It is a youthful, feminine colour that is extremely accommodating and will stand out even in the most chaotic design schemes.


How To Use It

Pantone Rapture Rose

Homeowners are often worried about incorporating pink into their décor because they’re preconditioned to think it will be tacky or childlike. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Pink hues are highly adaptable and can be used in so many different and sophisticated ways. With just a little direction, Rapture Rose can help you turn any room into a chic space you’ll be dying to show off.


We highly suggest using this hue as a surprise in a small space. For example, painting the wall of your foyer makes a statement without too much investment. Since it’s typically the first room you will walk into when entering the home, Rapture Rose can make an exciting first impression. Also, since you don’t spend much time in an entryway, you can really commit to this colour in a big way; creating a quick “wow” moment for your guests. If you’re not looking to make that much of a statement, try going for Rapture Rose accessories. Even one lamp shade or a cool piece of pink art can break up a monotone room. As a quick tip, pairing these pieces with gold or silver is a great idea to help bring out the sophisticated side of this rosy hue.


Rapture Rose is going to look great in just about every room you can think of! Its peppy energy works well with other colours while also allowing you to make good, strong statements in your spaces. We hope these tips and tricks help you to bring the energizing Rapture Rose into your home! Stay tuned for more decor tips and tricks like these in MarlinSpring’s blog series.