Décor Studio

Marlin Spring offers an in-house Décor Boutique designed for Purchasers to select the finishing details for their new homes. The Décor Boutique is located within the company’s corporate offices and it showcases all of the many finishing choices available as both standard features and upgrades. Here with the help of a professional Décor Consultant, purchasers will be able to select everything necessary to make their new home truly their own – from flooring to countertops, to door handles, cabinetry and appliances.

Home Buyer Guides

Marlin Spring is committed to providing you with top level above standard service in every aspect of the home buying process. From our cutting-edge designs, to our top of the line finishing details, to our construction expertise and our after-care customer service, every point of contact with us reflects the ultimate customer experience. Providing a positive experience from start to finish is what makes us different.


Purchasing a home from Marlin Spring is easy. Our onsite sales team have the expertise to guide you along every step of the way to purchasing your new home. Once you have made the decision to buy, you will work with one of our sales team to prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Once it is accepted, you will be given a schedule of payment dates and other pertinent information.


Our Customer Care team is here to guide you every step of the way to purchasing your new home. We value each and every one of you and are here to provide all information and services to make this process as seamless as possible. .


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer care:

416-619-3550 Ext. 317

Frequently asked questions

What is a PDI?

The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is your opportunity to walk through your home or suite prior to closing, to ensure all items of your contract have been fulfilled.
There are several specific areas you should focus on during your PDI:


Exteriors and finishes
Your PDI should begin with your front door. Make sure the frame and door are in perfect condition – no nicks, gouges, cracks, etc. If you have a balcony, check it thoroughly. Once again, ensure the work has been done properly, that the railings are in securely, no chips or cracks anywhere. Kitchen countertops should be free from scratches, cracks or chips. This also applies to your sinks and bathtub(s) as well.


Doors and windows
Open and close all the doors:
Kitchen cupboards
They should all function noiselessly and smoothly, fitting flush with the doorframe. And don’t overlook the most important door of all: your front door. Not only should it fit properly but make sure the lock is in working order too. Do the same with all the windows. A very important factor to consider are drafts; make sure no heat is escaping in order to avoid a nasty energy bill in the winter!


Defective plug points and light switches are easily overlooked, so it is extremely important to check all these during your PDI walkthrough! When conducting your PDI, come equipped with a cell phone charger to check all the plug points and a light bulb to test EVERY light switch and socket. Try out the stove, oven and poke around the fridge – everything should be in working order. Check out the freezer to make sure your ice cream won’t melt! It may sound like a hassle but it’ll save you time and trouble in the long run.


Run ALL the faucets – bathroom and kitchen. Make sure you’ve got hot water. Run the shower AND bath. Also, flush every toilet (if you’ve got more than one); Many people don’t when doing their PDI and you can imagine how they feel later when they move in and find their toilet not working!


Floors and mirrors
These are areas where it’s easy to miss things during a PDI and trying to get them fixed at the builder’s expense later on can sometimes lead to headaches. Check the flooring in every room including the bathroom:

  • There shouldn’t be any chips or cracks in ceramic or stone flooring
  • In carpeted areas, check for any fraying or exposed areas
  • Make sure any carpeting isn’t stained

Take your time; be thorough and go through EVERYTHING. Remember, it’s YOUR home and you’re paying a lot of money for it; you are entitled to be picky. Note down even the smallest detail that’s not up to satisfaction.

Can I make changes after I’ve made my finishing selections at the Décor Boutique?

One of the reasons we advise you to take your time to make your selections is that once these items have been ordered, they cannot be changed without incurring additional costs and possible delays. We always suggest that you make your final selections carefully and thoughtfully so that you don’t have to worry about having doubts at a later time.

Why do upgrades cost more than at the local home reno store?

While you might find that the actual material may be cheaper at your local home reno store, our price is based on installation and including your upgrade in our warranty program. The price is also guaranteed from the time of your selection until your home closes.

How do I submit my warranty forms?

You can complete your warranty forms on the Tarion website at www.tarion.com. Prior to your closing date, we will send you your Homeowner Information Package which will contain all the details.

What is interim occupancy?

Interim occupancy begins the day you occupy your unit and ends the day you take ownership. During the interim occupancy period, the building/site is typically still under construction and many of the common elements and amenity spaces are only partially finished. By the time of final closing, the common elements and amenity spaces will be completed. During this time, residents who occupy their home must pay a monthly fee to the developer for utilizing the unit prior to closing.

How do I pick up my keys on interim occupany?

Either your lawyer will give them to you or you can pick them up at our offices.

When is final closing and what happens on this day?

Final closing is the day when the ownership of your home or suite is transferred to you. This occurs after the end of the interim occupancy period. On this day, your lawyer will receive the transfer of ownership for your home/suite on your behalf. Any outstanding fees or balances, as set out in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale will need to be paid.

What does it mean when a building is registered?

Registration refers to the point in time when the developer has met all the requirements to transfer ownership of the homes/suites to the homeowners and the condo corporation that will maintain the building thereafter. At this point, homeowners stop paying interim occupancy fees and are able to rent, sell or continue to live in their suite. Typically this process takes about one year.

What insurance do I need and how do I get it?

You are required to insure your contents and have coverage for liability, upgrades and improvements. Purchasers should contact their insurance agents and arrange for coverage prior to occupancy. This applies even if you rent out the home/suite.

Am I allowed to paint or do other work to my condo?

You may paint your suite after your final closing date. However, please keep in mind that you should advise your Property Management team because there are some renovations that are not permitted.

Can I rent out my parking space or locker?

Yes. Once final closing has taken place, you may rent these spaces out.

What is Tarion and what do they cover?

Tarion is an independent non-profit corporation; a regulatory body that oversees and licenses all home builders in Ontario, ensuring that all buyers receive the benefits and protection of their Builder’s Warranty in accordance with the Ontario Home Warranties Plan Act. There are a number of items covered under your Warranty based on a one, two and seven year period. You can review the specifics of these items in your Homeowner Care Package or with your Marlin Spring Customer Care representative.