Posted on August 25, 2021
Marlin Spring Juniors Enjoy Special Day at the Stockyards

This week we welcomed the winners of the Construction Creativity Contest along with the Marlin Spring Juniors to a special event at the Stockyards District Residence sales centre.

Last winter, Marlin Spring launched a contest geared towards Canadian youth, encouraging creativity and feelings of fulfillment. This program was launched during the COVID lockdown so as to provide some fun, relief and focus that was much needed during the mandated lockdowns. The winners, chosen for building the most creative structures resembling the Stockyards Condominium, currently under construction, were selected from among the many entries and showcase their creativity, planning and hard work.

They and the Junior team had a great day enjoying a pizza party, touring the sales centre and learning all about the development and construction process while the Marlin Spring team had a great time meeting all of those who attended and tried their best to answer their many intuitive questions!

Thank you to Andrea Oppedisano, Director of Development, for explaining all about the development process, Leslie Dragani, Decor Manager, for presenting an interactive decor workshop and Christopher Bessey, Director of Mid & High Rise Construction and Dan Vascotto, Site Superintendent, for showing the group how a condominium building gets constructed.

Thank you to all the Marlin Spring team members who’s efforts made the day an incredible success!