Marlin Spring’s Properties Division focuses on making strategic investments in multi-unit residential properties in key economic cities across North American metropolitan areas. This Division has the expertise and industry acumen to see beyond the present, and identify all factors shaping the potential of undervalued properties with value-added potential. Marlin Spring aims to provide strong cash flow and long-term asset appreciation while preserving capital.

Purchase Criteria:
• Diversified and stable job market
• Properties at significant discount to replacement cost
• Value-add and repositioning opportunities
• Strong perspective economic growth
• Strong re-occurring cash flow
• International key economic cities
• Projects of 100+ units
• Low vacancy rates

Marlin Spring

Avi Jakobowitch

President, US Realty

Prior to joining Marlin Spring Properties; Mr. Jakobowitch was Vice President of Sales and Operations at a large retail operation, with multiple stores throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He was responsible for sourcing and construction of new locations. Presently, Mr. Jakobowitch oversees the day-to-day operations, as well as undertakes real estate sourcing, acquisition management, investor relations and regulatory compliance.