Marlin Spring Foundation

Building A Better World

Our Differentiator

What makes Marlin Spring Foundation unique is its approach to philanthropy. As an international company, Marlin Spring has a vast experience in different areas of business development, expansion and critical mass adoption. The Marlin Spring Foundation, along with financial contributions, will work with charities and initiatives to provide strategic direction on planning, budgeting and outcomes to achieve the deepest impact. While respecting the expertise of non-profit organizations, the Marlin Spring Foundation aspires to facilitate charitable partners leveraging Marlin Spring’s business acumen as a resource within the partnership.

Our Executive Director

Shayna Haddon
Executive Director
Shayna is an award-winning documentary producer, story teller and founder of Haddon Strategy agency in Toronto. Equally inspired by business strategy as well as her charitable/non-profit work, Shayna is known for her commitment to uncovering the next bold move for her clients- both paid and pro bono.