Homeowner Resources

Whether just starting your homeowner journey or getting ready to move into your new home, we want to provide you with the facts and information you need. Feel confident and have the knowledge you need during this process by utilizing the below information.

The Homeowner

The maintenance would cover your share of all expenses pertaining to the common areas. Monthly maintenance does not include cable, internet or telephone. Hydro and water are typically separately metered.

You can select the finishes that you prefer. In many cases the value of your home may go up before you even receive the keys. Having a new home means less maintenance, less repairs and your home is covered under warranty, this means more money in your pocket. You don’t need to hire someone to complete warranty repairs after moving in and no surprises behind the walls, everything is new and clean!

We work closely with the land registry office and the Municipality for registration completion. Though we make every attempt to have registration take place as soon as possible, it can take up to a year following the commencement of interim occupancy. A developer cannot legally set as close date until registration of the building is complete.

Registration refers to the point in time when the developer has met all the requirements to transfer ownership of the suites to the homeowners and the condo corporation that will maintain the building thereafter. Once registration takes place the close date will be determined.

Marlin Spring Developments has a great selection of standard items. It is a personal decision of a homeowner if they would like to increase their investment. When you upgrade directly through Marlin Spring Developments you have peace of mind knowing that your home won’t be a construction zone after you move in as you have the convenience of installation prior to you moving in coupled with the fact you would be covered under warranty. Trying to upgrade after moving in can have added stress, you may also void your warranty on other components of your home. i.e. if you install pot lights after you take possession you may void the electrical component of your home.

You can add and remove a name from the title up to 30 days prior to your date of possession.